Ear Wax Removal Syringe Kit With Olive Oil Ear Drops By Medi Grade

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Medi Grade ear wax removal syringe kits provide an easy solution to the difficulties of removing lodged ear wax. Using innovative quad-spray syringe technology and world-famous St George's olive oil ear drops, you can get a really deep and thorough ear clean, whilst increasing user comfort. This Medi Grade syringe cleans better than any other device on the market as it reaches further down the ear canal than any other standard or electronic ear irrigators, which also often cause danger or discomfort to the user. This Medi Grade ear wax syringe is particularly effective due to its quad-spray nozzles which enable the liquid to cover all inner areas of the ear canal, targeting 100% of ear wax. They are also designed in such a way that they cannot reach the ear drum and thus prevent any damage. These tips contain exit-ducts which allows fluid to drain from the ear maintaining maximum user comfort. 3 different colour coded tips are provided as standard with the kit so that the syringe can be hygienically shared between family members, each having their own tip. Your ear wax remover kit also comes with full instructions on how to use safely and effectively. It is recommended for the best results to apply the olive oil to the ears for 5-7 days prior to use.
SAFE, COMFORTABLE AND EASY: Removes ear wax from ears using a gentle stream of water. Unlike other methods of ear cleansing, syringing the ears prevents damage to ear drums or ear canals. Easy functionality and even easier to clean, you will certainly be impressed by our Medi Grade ear syringe.
360° QUAD-STREAM TIPS: This ear wax removal kit includes 3 x replacement quad-stream tips made from soft silicone and colour co-ordinated which means no sharing! These special tips create a 360 degree influx of water and dislodge even the toughest of ear wax.
HIGHLY EFFECTIVE: By far the most effective ear wax remover and method of cleaning the ears, improving your quality of hearing. Follow the supplied Medi Grade instructions on how to dislodge and remove stubborn wax from your ears. Brilliant method for reducing ear infections too.
QUALITY AND CAPACITY: Trusted UK Medi Grade brand, made with the highest quality medical grade materials available this ear wax syringe is sure to last a lifetime. It also has a large water capacity, the Medi Grade ear wax removal syringe ensures less refills per ear!
ST GEORGES OLIVE OIL EAR DROPS: Each purchase includes the world-renowned St George's olive oil ear drops which are to be administered 1-2 weeks prior to use of the syringe. The 10ml bottles come with a glass pipet to precisely control the drops of olive oil. Scientifically developed to soften hard ear wax, more so than other ear drops on the market, this combination of products is guaranteed to leave you wax free!
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