Acrylic Marker Pens,SAYEEC Set of 24 Assorted Colours Permanent Paint Pens for Glass Painting,Ceramic,Porcelain,Rock,Wood,Fabric, Canvas,Best Choice for Custom Mug Design,Rock Painting,DIY Projects

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WHAT I can do with SAYEEC Permanent Paint Pens?
* Acrylic Paint Painting
* Rock,Stone and Pebbles Painting Art
* Ceramic Paints
* Decorate Mugs
* Writing Task
* T-shirt and Shose Painting to create your own style
* Write on Photo Album to describe the moment
* Make Greeting Cards
* Fantastic idea as a souvenir if you like to write every place on each souvenir,colors are fantastic and the style is very good
* Adult Coloring Book
* Scrapbooking

Total Length: Approx 145mm
Line Width: Approx 2-3mm
Color: 24 colors
Package:Coming in a storage box,convenient to take out and storage

Can I use them on rock painting and pebbles rocks?
- Absolutely! They work great on rocks.
Are they permanent?
- SAYEEC acrylic pens are permanent when marks dries on paper,fabric,rock,etc.,but you can wash it off on glasses and cups,you may have to bake in oven for a longer lasting finish
Are they food safe?
- You can use the pens on the outside of dishes, but not on the eating or drinking surfaces.
Do these come in a fine tip for writing?
- SAYEEC acrylic paint markers tipped 2-3mm,suit for large letter writing
DO they work well with Canvas/ fabric? Do they bleed?
- They work great with canvas and don't bleed unless you push the nib and hold. They also can work on leather and fabric with a smooth texture.

MULTI-FUNCTION -- SAYEEC Permanent Marker Pens are resistant fading,abrasion and resistant to water when glass, porcelain and ceramic projects are properly cured,great for writing task on all kinds of surface with fast and smooth flowing,for drawing on colouring book,polymer clay,wood,rock,stone and pebble art project,for painting on fabric,textile,canvas,shoes and more
QUALIFIED INK -- Vivid, highly pigmented acrylic ink dries quickly to produce a very durable opaque and glossy finish on light and dark surfaces
SAFE MATERIAL -- Non-toxic ink,no odor,conforms to ASTM D-4236. Ideal for artists & art students, teenagers & adults.High quality nylon nib,durable and more smooth for writing.See through pen holder,made of Eco-friendly PP resin,let you know how much ink left.Proper-size pen holder designed for more comfortably grasp
BRILLIANT COLOURS -- 24 Assorted colours,permanent and water resistant.Ideal for creative and fun projects, especially rock painting
MEDIUM POINT: Medium tip ranges from 2 - 3 mm,perfect for both fine details and filling in large areas.Colour cap for easier choice of colour
Dimensions: 5 x 15 x 12 cm
Weight: 540 gr

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