24 Colors Clay Diy Model Slime, Diy Colored Clay,soft Molded Oven Baking Mud And Tool.best Gift For Children. By Nicolekaylan

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How To Use:

1. Just a few basic tools to get started: a smooth work surface (marble, glass), an oven, some shaping tools.
2. Make the polymer clay shaped what you want,it is time to use an oven to fix it. It's best to reserve a ""dedicated oven"" for baking polymer clay. Using your home oven is an option for very infrequent baking sessions, but you must thoroughly wash out the inside afterward with baking soda and water to remove any baked on residue from the fumes, which will re-release when you use the oven later to bake food.
3. Temperature regulation is critically important when baking polymer clay,generally speaking, most polymer clay projects are baked at 135℃ (275℉) for 20-25 minutes. Baked clay can be re-baked as needed.

Unleash your little ones creativity, 24colors of clay set includes Tutorial,Create all kinds of Mini Clay pieces
Non-toxic, eco-friendly brightly-colored, durable plastic tools, Very soft, smooth, non-sticky. Does not stick to your hands, super stretchy,
The clay is easy to shape, bend and stretch. The kit comes with 24 colors that are easily blendable to give you lots of color possibilities.
Shape and once cool can be sanded, drilled, magic clay takes 24 hours to fully harden. Perfect for jewelry, home décor, mixed media, seasonal items and more.
Material: Soft Polymer Clay.
Clay Weight: about 1.1 lb;Colors: 24 colors,24 pieces .
Ultra-light Clay Product Size: 2 * 4 * 1.3 cm / 0.79* 1.57 * 0.51 inch.
Non-toxic,environmentally friendly, Bright colors, Texture,Feel delicate moderate.
Ideal DIY materials, is conducive to the development of children's comprehensive perception.
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