24 Lattices Colorful Diy Bracelet Bead Art & Jewellery-making , Bead String Making Set , Cultivate Color Sensitive,cultivate Children Implementation Capacity,ocean Style By Fiste

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"FISTE Hand-beaded"
DIY children's intelligence bead is a good educational tool, can help children improve hand eye coordination, improve the practical ability, better play to the child's imagination, training children's creativity and logical thinking.
DIY children's intelligence beads can help children improve the hand eye coordination abality.
Can improve the child's sensitivity to color, improve imagination and practical ability, let the children make beautiful bracelets, rings, necklaces, headdress, etc.
1 x 24 grid bead1 x Crystal rope1 x small scissors2 x Headband1 bag buckle and ear caps1 x English manual
Clear Color Type - Since it is a 24 kinds of clear color type bead kit, with various kinds of beads like Ocean World, you can create your own imagination and create various kinds of things like your favorite bracelet, ring, necklace, etc It is a DIY lovely beads set featuring a feeling of accomplishment and enhancing confidence.
Coloring Abundance - Because the coloring of the bead set is plentiful and beautiful, everyone's girls have a dream of Princess, looking at such cute beads surely make various bead accessors and mimic themselves like a princess I will do it, let's have a child's dream come true with this one set of beads.
Best Gift for Child - When choosing a gift for a child, it will be a lot of troubles such as worrying about children, what kind of role it is, etc. This honey beads is not only concerned with children, of course,It is the best as a gift because it can train skills such as development, hand harmonization, cognitive ability, independent thinking, and handmade with children and parentage relationships will be better as well.
With bead accessories - DIY All accessories necessary for handmade are arranged as well, exclusive tegus for passing beads can easily pass beads without using bead threading needles. Children will also be dexterous and concentrate. In addition, how to use other accessories is listed in the English manual, children and beginners can easily make their own original work.
Special storage case - Beads are set at a glance in a transparent case with partitions by type, and it is unnecessary to take the necessary beads when handmade, you can use conveniently. Cases where you finished using beads can also be used to store buttons, blocks, room bands, small toy toys.
  • Color : Ocean Series
  • ean : 0647904252755
  • ref/mpn : 0647904252755

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