5 Tempera Mix Magic Colours And 2 Additives (acrylic And Tex) By Carioca

  • £28.48

Set of 50 crayons, round, diameter 12 mm
Washable, easy to tips, non staining
Wax Paint - Large storage box: 50 Wax Crayons in approx. 12 Colours, Length: 90 mm, Ø 12 mm high quality for a bargain price.
Vibrant colour soft Farbabr Iebgut Anspitzbarleicht to Entfernenhinterlässt no mess diameter: 12 mm, Length: 9 cmInhalt: Pack of 50)/approx. 12 Colours
Box Contents: Wax malt crayons diameter 12 mm, pack of 50)/12 colours in a practical plastic box
This ready to use poster paint is mixed for immediate use, easy to use and perfect for group projects
Colors can be blended and is for use on all porous materials
Carioca creates branded products steeped in tradition
The company (Universal S.p.A) has been manufacturing fiber colored markers since 1956
Carioca creates coloring, art, modeling, activity sets and much more
  • Model : KO 121
  • ean : 8003511423889
  • ref/mpn : Plasticera Redonda

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