50th Happy Birthday Party Balloons, Supplies & Decorations By- 26 Pc Set - Large 50 Year Foil Balloon 12 Gold, White & Pink Latex Balloon Decoration - Decor Suitable For All Adults By Belle Vous

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Belle Vous 50th Birthday Balloon Set
This birthday balloon decoration set will turn any regular party into the celebration of the century. With a massive 26 pieces included you can be sure to throw the most memorable event of the year!

Whats Included:
- 1 x Number 50 balloon (gold).
- 1 x HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner (gold).
- 3 x Star balloons (gold & pink).
- 6 x Gold latex balloons.
- 6 x Pink latex balloons.
- 6 x White latex balloons.
- 3 x Pom poms (gold, pink & white).

- Number 50 balloon: 40" (101.6cm).
- HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner: 16" (40.6cm).
- 3 x Star balloons: 18" (45.7cm).
- 18 Latex Balloons: 12" (30.5cm).
- 3 x Pom poms: 10" (25.4cm).
THE PERFECT TOUCH: This kit can be used for decorating the most beautiful surprise party with gold, white and pink balloons. This pack features a large 40" (101.6cm) number 50 balloon, 1 x HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloon banner 16" (40.6cm), 2 x pink & 1x gold star balloons 18" (45.7cm) complimenting 6 x gold, 6 x white & 6 x pink latex balloons 12" (30.5cm). Also included is 1 x gold, 1 x white & 1 x pink pom poms 10" (25.4cm) and a 10m string for hanging and tying the balloons as you wish.
HIGH QUALITY PARTY BALLOONS: Your new balloons will come deflated and organised by style and colour into separate clear bags and all packed into a larger reusable ziplock bag. Each kit will come with three straws to help with inflation. These balloons can be filled with either helium (not included) or standard air and are suitable for any birthday theme.
STYLISH POM POMS: Every set includes three fancy paper pom poms (one gold, one white and one pink). They will arrive flat and will need unfolding. To set up the pom poms, you simply tie them in the middle, then open the layers of paper to create your pom pom. You can then hang them as part of a banner or individually depending on your theme.
REUSABLE FOIL BALLOONS: All foil balloons in this set are reusable so they can be used for future birthdays to come. This includes the star balloons, number balloons and the HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner. To deflate the balloons, gently insert the straw back into the resealable hole and lightly press down on the balloon to deflate. Please note, the latex balloons cannot be reused.
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so confident that this set will be a hit at your party and if for any reason you're not completely satisfied we will refund 100% of your purchase back to you. Please just reach out to us.
  • Size : Age 50
  • ean : 5060490958453
  • ref/mpn : Belle Vous

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