One Size 9192 0878203003766 By Hyperlip

  • £15.58

Calling all fans of fun: we'd like to wager a bet and say the HyperLip is right up your street. These plastic prosthesis lips stem from the brilliant mind of French designer Sascha Nordmeyer, and featured in her project "Communication Prosthesis." Nordmever reports 'the lips are intended to help insecure people communicate more easily by forcing them to make a single silly facial expression.' Similar to a gum shield, simply pop these smackers into your gob and giggle in awe as your face transforms into a piercingly peculiar grimace - gently giving the wearer that utterly batsh*t crazy look. Perfect for anyone seeking a lark, these puppies are your new go-to party trick.
Plastic prosthesis lips that transform your smile into a hilariously strange pout.
Sure to raise a few eyebrows and get you lots of attention.
Dimensions: Measures approximately 8.5cm(W) x 10.5cm(H) x 3.5cm(D).
  • Size : One size
  • ean : 0878203003766
  • ref/mpn : 9192

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