Original Stormtrooper Originalblaster By Shepperton Design Studios

  • £310.90

A super-accurate E11 Blaster, with the level of originality, detail and quality you expect from SDS. This is the definitive item, with all the features of the most complicated blaster used in ANH. Including castings from Sterling sub-machine gun parts as used for the original props and personalised with a unique serial number, the blaster is made from lightweight, composite materials so that at just 700g (25oz), trooping all day is no sweat.
The scope, power unit and grip are cast directly from the original. There's fantastic detailing in the internal rifle barrel, barrel vent holes, T-track cooling coils, safety catch, recoil spring, serrated rear sights, targeting sensors and power cylinders, plus removable power pack cartridge.

Super-accurate barrel and stock
Removeable targeting sensors
Unique serial number
Attention to detail throughout
Scope an accurate casting from an original
Original Sterling patent numbers clearly visible
Removable power pack
Weighs just 700g (25oz) - ideal for trooping.

The ultimate E11 blaster will complement your Stormtrooper armour. It's built with the enthusiasm, originality and quality that you expect from all SDS products. Here's how we've created this super accurate Blaster.

The ultimate E11 Blaster
Superb level of detailing
Lightweight construction ideal for trooping
The scope, power unit and grip cast directly from the original
Certificate of authenticity included
  • Model : E11
  • Size : one size fits most.
  • Color : black
  • ean : 0609613847110
  • ref/mpn : E11
  • English

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