0-12 Months Newborn Baby Wrap Swaddle Blanket Kids Toddler Wool Knit Swaddle Kids Sleeping Bag Sleep Sack Stroller Wrap Sleep Sacks Button By 90 Points

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Age Group: Babies
Age Range: 0-12 months Material:  90% Acrylic fiber Color:Beige,White,Pink,Red,Sky Blue,Black Special soft fabric: super soft feel very comfortable. Size:70*39cm(28*15inch) Weight: 0.28kgPackage included in:
1xBaby Sleeping Bag
Soft material, provides baby with a comfortable feeling.
Average size to fit for your baby from 0-12 Month
Button design for easy and convenient use.
Crochet Knit technique to make every sleeping bag confirm and tight.
Keeping baby warm in the buggy,pram ,car seat ,cot crib, sling,bed, or moses basket.It is can be used as a blanket ,also can be used as Sleeping Bag.
  • Color : Pink
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