(0-6 Months) Baby Snuggle Pod Bundle (stardust) By Poddle Pod

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How do i know if my baby is positioned correctly? As a guide for newborn babies, they should be positioned in the centre of the Pod on their back and their full profile should be visible from the side. As they grow their head will be supported at one end, whilst their legs drape over the other end (Just like they are when they are cradled in your arms) Can the Pod be used for unsupervised sleeping? As the Pod was designed and tested for supervised use, as a general rule we recommend that your baby is always attended in their Pod, asleep or awake. So what can i use my Pod for? As a new parent, we know that life can get very hectic and something that you used to take for granted such as getting dressed in the morning can become a difficult task. The Pods can be used to make the transition into parenthood easier. We recommend the Pods are used for; Napping Lounging Sponge Baths Baby Massage Tummy Time Wardrobe and nappy changes Camping A portable nap place when visiting friends and relations
Bundle includes 1x Poddle Pod + 1x removable cover of choice
What is a Poddle Pod? The Poddle Pod is a weight activated snuggle nest, designed to give your baby the feeling of being cradled in your arms. There are two size variations available.
How do they work? When you place your baby in the Pod, the sides pull in to give them a gentle snuggle, giving you an extra pair of arms whilst your little one naps securely.
What age are they designed for? The Poddle Pod was designed around a 4 month old baby, The Poddle Pod is ideally used from birth until around 6 months old. As every baby varies in size and development, 6 months is a rough guide. The Toddle Pod is a wider and longer version of the smaller Poddle Pod and is designed to be used with babies from 6 months onwards.
If your baby wears 3-6 month clothing and are confused to which Pod to purchase, we would recommend purchasing the Toddle Pod to ensure you get optimum use.
  • Size : Poddle Pod (0-6 Months)
  • Color : Stardust
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