052490 Rapidaptor 887/4r With Ring Magnet Bit Holder By Wera

  • £20.32

Wera Rapidaptor 887/4R with Ring Magnet Bit Holder WER052490

Rapidaptor® Universal Bit Holder with Strong Permenant Magnet and Quick-Release Chuck fits for bits Wera Series 1 and 4.

Capacity: 1/4Inch
Hexagon Drive: 1/4Inch
Length: 75mm


Rapidaptor technology for rapid bit change^Rapidaptor universal holder with ring magnet for bits with 1/4" hexagon drive^Rapidaptor technology for rapid bit change^Ring magnet and stop sleeve for secure fit of the screw on the holder^1/4" hexagon drive
  • Model : 05052490001
  • Size : 1/4 Zoll x 57 mm x 1/4 Zoll
  • Color : Multi-Colour
  • ean : 4013288104045
  • ref/mpn : 05052490001