1 M Install Series 2x Phono To 2x Phono Cable 1m By Fisual

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An ideal budget stereo RCA interconnect cable for entry to mid level systems this is perfect for connecting all kinds of devices which feature standard RCA / phono connections. The Fisual Pro series of cables has been designed for professional multiple installation use but are also great value for home entertainment systems. Although the prices are very low this not not reflected in the quality. All metal plugs with gold plated contacts and a double screen help avoid signal corruption from the likes of electro magnetic and RF interference.
Gold plated contacts
Large 6mm OD cable
Great value Interconnect
Metal alloy chrome plugs
Screened cable
  • Model : FIS-2PHI-100
  • Size : 1m
  • ean : 5060182330468
  • ref/mpn : FIS-2PHI-100