1 Minute Sand Timer16 Cm Green 226148 By Tink N Stink

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Count down 1 minutes with ease using our much loved hourglass sandtimer. Ideal for preschool children for improved turn taking and activity sharing. It is a very effective visual prompt that helps improve concentration whilst supporting parents and teachers with time management activities. It works because children in particular can actually see and feel the time ticking away. This helps you engage better with the concept of time The material used in the outer casting production of this sandtimer is transparent acrylic with plastic end caps. The inner is a glas tube with coloured sand. We have had our sand timers in production for over 5 years now and they all have a reputation for being very durable and robust. It's size is 16cm x 8.3cm x 7.3cm. Popular ideas for use: Promote successful turn taking with little fuss Focusing little minds on activity sharing Stop reluctance to change a task How accurate is it? Our sand timers are rarely out but do have a 10% variant either way. Therefore, please bear this in mind if you choose to purchase one. We recommend our digital timers if you are looking for a timer with more pinpoint accuracy.
Size 160 x 70mm.
Timing - 1 Minute. COLOUR CODING - GREEN.
Robust giant sand timer, perfect for use in games & timing experiments.
Mega sand timer with moulded end caps & thick wall surround.
Fun, educational, eyecatching, engaging maths & science resource.
  • Color : Green
  • ean : 0609132834523
  • ref/mpn : 226148

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