1 Pair Of Revolutionary New Gel Massaging Liquid Insoles That Actually Work 1 Year Guarantee (3-4) By Feet.com

  • £13.21

Revolutionary new massaging insoles that actually work Your feet float on a cool cushion of massaging fluid The thermoplastic gel constantly massages your feet with every step you take They fit over the top of existing insoles and provide They also absorb impact and reduce friction from day to day walking and distribute weight evenly across your feet. Review Quality .comfortable .great service
1 Year Guarantee From Gel Loss
Total Comfort
Relieves back ache knee ache
Feels like you are walking on a soft bed of Cooling Gel
Brilliant Reviews
  • Size : 3-4
  • Color : Brown
  • ean : 8965115667215
  • ref/mpn : 8965115667215