10 Large Clear Crystal Chandelier Icicle U-drop Prisms Lamp Parts Brass Connectors By Vstoy

  • £17.94

This Beautiful set of 10 New Faceted Large Clear Glass U-drop or Icicle Prisms are commonly used for chandelier pendants, Christmas tree decorations, Weddings, Craft Projects, Jewelry pendants, Necklaces and any anything else you might want to dress up. Each Prism measures 3" which includes both the bottom prism and top octagon jewel piece together and has a total hang of appx 3 1/4" and are Connected with Brass Colored Bowties. The Quality and Clarity is Exquisite. We always love hearing from you so please emails us at any time and please take a moment and stop by our store for more Beautiful Prisms.
Large Clear 61mm Crystals Icicle U-drop Glass Chandelier Prisms
Great for Weddings, Baby Rooms, Christmas Tree Decorations Chandeliers, Art Projects, Jewelry Making, Necklaces
Main Prism is 61MM = 2.4" & Top Octagon Piece is 14MM = .5"
Clear Excellent Quality Clear Glass
  • ean : 0799559261139
  • ref/mpn : VS-024

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