10 Pack 4pin Led Strip Connector For 10mm Waterproof Rgb 5050 Led Strip, Quick Strip To Wire Connector Without Stripping Wire By Vipmoon

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Advantages: -These NEWEST DESIGN of waterproof 10mm (SMD5050) RGB LED light strip to wire connectors are worry-free solution for waterproof 5050 RGB LED light strip connection and extension needs,extension for whatever the wire length you want to connect. -Both solderless for strip lights & wire joint.No need to peel off waterproof coating gel.And do not need wire-stripping for wire connection. Saves 2/3 time on strips connection and wires installation,specially mixed connection projects. Installation Guides: 1.Ensure your section of LED light strip is WATERPROOF SMD 5050 LED Strip and has 4 contacts (+, B, R, G).All the contacts are clean. 2.Peel off the 3M tape around the cutting line area on the back of the LED strip, then insert the LED light strip into clasp side, with the 4 contacts of the led strip sitting ON the 4 pins of the clasp - make sure to match the + side of the strip to the black wire; (Note: No need to peel off the silicone on the surface of led strip around soldering line area.)Close the clasp down with force. 3.Fitting the right length of 22-18 AWG 4 line wire.Insert the wire in to the other side.Clip and assemble it by pliers. Press cap down and no more work needed. (Note: No need to strip at the end of 4 Line Wire.) 4.Checking the connection is successful. Reminder:Fitting with 10mm wide waterproof RGB LED Strip Light AND Solid and Strand WIRE 22-18AWG(0.35-0.75 square mm).Please checking wire dimension before use. Tools Needed to connect: one combination plier. Package includes: 10x waterproof 10mm RGB strip to wire connectors
Apply to: Waterproof 4 pin 10mm Wide 5050 RGB Strip Light and AWG22-18 Solid Wire / Strand Wire
Quick Connection: LED strip to wire connector, without stripping wire, no soldering, no need to peel back the silicon cover
Safe for use: Voltage:0-36V, Current:5A, Made of flame retardant material and high precision brass
Easy to use. Solderless,No wire-stripping and No need to peel off Silicon cover.Quick and flexible work for different Waterproof 5050 LED Strip Light projects
Clear cap design will allow light to go through, will not leave dark area at your lighting space.
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