10 Setting 2m Shower Hose And Head Water Saving 4.3" Push Switch Showerhead With Adjustable Shower Mount By Lifewit

  • £35.26

The Lifewit Shower Head Set is constructed with environmental friendly LG-ABS, and finished off with chrome coating that provides scratch resistance. Highly customizable, the showerhead features 10 settings. Water Saving switch allows you to control the water flow by 1/2 at any time to save water. lengthy and flexible shower hose coupled with highly adjustable shower mount enables optimal freedom of movement when showering. To solve the problem of mineral buildup, rubber spray nozzles are implemented for quick and easy removal of the buildup. Easy to follow instruction manual allows for fast and effortless installation. Teflon tape is also included with the purchase.

Showerhead dimension: 9.84" × 4.3" × 1.5"
Materials: LG-ABS and Chrome finish
Connector: G1/2 thread interface

Package Content:
Handheld shower head x 1
Shower hose x 1 Shower
mount x 1
Washer x 2
Teflon tape x 1
Instruction manual x 1

PREMIUM MATERIALS: The showerhead is assembled with eco-friendly materials LG-ABS and chrome coating, for durability and exterior scratch resistance.
10 SETTING: The showerhead features 10 Settings in total. Push up the button to set Full-spray, full-spray with massage, massage, full-spray with mist, and mist while push down to set Save-spray, Save-spray with massage, Save massage, Save-spray with mist, and Save mist.
WATER SAVING SWITCH: The easily accessible water saving switch lets you reduce the flow of water by 1/2 while applying shampoo or bodywash to save water. It's also great for bathing kids or pets.
FREEDOM: 4.3" showerhead with 78.74" flexible stainless steel shower hose, and highly adjustable shower mount to ensure unrestrictive operation. Rubber spray nozzles allow for easy removal of potential mineral buildup.
WARRANTY: 12-month repair/replacement warranty service.
  • Color : Chrome
  • ean : 0603803331892
  • ref/mpn : LF232472

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