15 Nail Brush, 12 Colors Nail Rhinestones, 5 Dotting Pens And Gold / Silver Studs By Ruimio

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Let your imagination and creativity run wild with all the infinite nail-decoration possibilities this great kit will open up for you!

A set of 15 nail-art brushes is the centerpiece of the kit.
These high-quality brushes come in all the shapes and sizes you'll need for a huge range of nail-decoration tasks and effects.
These sturdy brushes will stand up to long use and are easy to clean. Just wipe the brush with a paper towel while the product is still wet and uncured.

A full suite of 3-D decorations, including gold and silver studs.
These items come in an ingenious case with a rotating lid that only exposes one small compartment at a time,
so you never have to worry about accidentally spilling hundreds of tiny items all over your floor.

A selection of 5 different size of dotting pens create many forms of dots.

12 colors of nail-art rhinestones.

These rhinestones in different colors are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get a colorful, eye-catching decoration on your nails.
This set will give you plenty to choose from.

Package Includes:

5 different size of dotting pens
15 Nail-Art Brushes
1 Box Rhinestone Decorations 12 colors
1 Box Gold and Silver Stud Decorations

Create a huge variety of dazzling nail-art designs with this great all-in-one set of brushes and nail-art supplies!
5 different size of dotting pens.
12 colors of nail-art rhinestones.
A wide selection of 3-D decorations, including rhinestones in many colors and gold and silver stud appliques. These 3-D decorations can be applied with topcoat or glue.
The 15-piece brush set covers the range of brushes you'll need for every nail-decoration task. Includes flat fan brushes, line-drawing brushes, dotting brushes, angled brushes, and much more.
  • Color : Gold/Silver
  • ean : 0190033124009
  • ref/mpn : 0190033124009

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