2- In 1 Gps/ Phone Handlebar Bag By Btr: The Exceptional Bike Phone Holder Helping You To Never Get Lost Again! Now With 6 Free Puncture Repair Patches. Standard & Deluxe Versions Available By Btr

  • £22.66


Tired of having lots of fiddly fittings on your handlebars?

Want something that will store your essentials AND your mobile /GPS system AND let you use them easily?

Our BTR 2-in-1 HANDLEBAR BAG puts an end to filling your pockets on bike rides & needing lots of clips & hooks on your handlebar. This bike bag creates your own personal BIKE DASHBOARD & GLOVE COMPARTMENT

    Our BTR 2-in-1 handlebar bag is packed with useful features
  • Storage Area - puts an end to carrying essentials on your person & weighing you down
  • PVC phone pocket with TOUCH SCREEN - use your phone for navigation or to map your ride without removing it from the pocket.
  • SIMPLE TO CONNECT your phone to your external battery pack with the easy open base, large, touch screen pocket. So, you can map your ride, check your GPS or monitor your performance without worrying about battery power again!
  • 3 velcro straps - allows easy secure attachment & adjustment
  • Built in Sun visor - helps reduce the reflections so you can see your screen easily at a glance for last minute changes of direction
  • Water resistant - who wants soggy items?
  • With 6 BTR Puncture Repair Patches - just incase...

Don't waste time stopping to see your GPS or your performance

Don't be weighed down by items in your pockets

Don't clutter your bike with GPS mounts AND a storage bag

Transform your handlebars in to a practical & functional dashboard area with our BTR 2-in-1 Handlebar Bag.Or try our Deluxe version for built in sunvisor

Add to your basket today to create your own bike dashboard

With 2 year Guarantee

Unsure of which BIKE HANDLEBAR BAG to choose? Want a MOBILE PHONE / GPS MOUNT AND STORAGE on your bike but don't want your handlebar or bike to be cluttered? Our BTR 2-in-1 handlebar bag is THE ONLY HANDLEBAR GPS / PHONE HOLDER that also has built in storage for your essentials. Installs in seconds & HOLDS EVERYTHING YOU NEED!
Concerned about SECURING YOUR GPS / MOBILE PHONE SAFELY IN YOUR SIGHT on your bike? Is your mobile in your pocket & you are stopping to get it out to check your location or route? Our BTR 2-in-1 handlebar bag lets you see your screen EASILY & SAFELY so you can check your GPS & route at a glance. The interactive PVC touchscreen pocket lets you use your device if you need to change direction so you always know where you are!
UNIVERSAL SECURE 3 STRAP FITTINGS FOR EVERY STYLE OF BIKE. No need to worry if this handlebar bag will fit your style of bike, the easy to attach & adjust Velcro straps keep it secure. Don't fiddle with tricky or permanent mobile phone / GPS mounts fastenings on your handlebars simply ATTACH, ADJUST & GO!
• EXTRA STORAGE keeps your belongings SAFE, DRY, SECURE & IN EASY REACH. Would you like to stop your kit rattling around & stop losing your keys in your bag? Unique to the BTR 2-in-1 handlebar bike phone holder bag we added our UNIQUE key hook & 2 luggage clips to help keep your items inside safe & secure & easy to find!
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE and finally keep your valuables SAFE, SECURE & DRY. WE TRIED AND TESTED our bike phone holder handlebar bag: We rigorously tested our 2 in 1 handlebar bag for practicality, ease of use and for it to last far longer so you can BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. ALL BTR bike bags are backed by our TWO YEAR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
  • Color : Medium NO Sun Visor
  • ean : 5060365060779
  • ref/mpn : BTR078

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