2 Pack Washable And Reusable Filter Kit For Gtech Airram High-power Cordless Vacuum Cleaners. Genuineproduct. By Green Label

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This is a Green Label 2 Pack of premium quality filters for Gtech AirRam high-power cordless vacuum cleaners. The filter fits the following models: Gtech AirRam AR01, AR02, DM001. Package contains: 2 x washable and reusable filters.

These vacuum cleaner filters play a key part in the AirRam's innovative cleaning process, ensuring your vacuum cleaning performance remains at its best. When you're finished vacuuming, all you have to do is tap the dirt into the dustbin, and occasionally clean the filters. It is important to clean and replace the filter regularly. After washing the filter let it completely dry.

All vacuum brand and model names are registered trademarks of vacuum manufacturers. This product is designed and manufactured by Green Label. This is not a Gtech® OEM product and is not covered under any Gtech® manufacturer's warranty. The Gtech® brand names and logos are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any use of the Gtech® brand name or model designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.
Green Label Filter Kit for Gtech AirRam High-power Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Premium Quality
Fits the following models: Gtech AirRam AR01, AR02, DM001
Package contains: 2 x washable and reusable filters
No question asked return policy. Fully refundable. Green Label is a premium and environmentally friendly manufacturer of aftermarket vacuum and steam mops filters and accessories
  • ean : 4665299020618
  • ref/mpn : GL-F-GTEAIR-2

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