2 X 3/4" Bsp To 1/4" Pushfit Connector Garden Tap Type Plumbing Connector , Fridge Freezers , Reverse Osmosis , Water Filters By The Water Filter Men

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TheWaterFilterMen branded fitting. CTM-012791588. Connect to your cold water supply . Allows you to screw onto a 3/4" male thus allowing insertion of 1/4" ldpe (6.35mm) into the pushfit side.
2 pack of 3/4" bsp female thread reducer to 1/4" pushfit
You can screw the 3/4" female side onto your 3/4" male , then this will allow you to insert your 1/4" lldpe water pipe
Garden Tap type connector to 1/4" ldpe.Connect to your cold water supply with this fitting
Received in a sealed branded bag with 'TheWaterFilterMen' registered trademark.
TheWaterFilterMen branded fitting. CTM-012791588
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