22 X 18 Cm Mouse Mat - 1003007010 Size M By Silent Monsters

  • £13.54

Precision surface.
The smooth textile surface of the mouse pad guarantees a smooth and quiet sliding of the mouse and allows precise and fast action.
Ideal for daily work and for any gamer.

Durable material.
The mouse pad, made of durable rubber with a robust textile surface guarantees minimal start and frictional resistance.
It enables an excellent point and click accuracy- an essential prerequisite for every user.

Rubberised non-slip bottom.
A non-slip mouse pad is an absolute must, for a comfortable computer working and playing.
The underside rubber serves as a non-stick coating, for a completely secure grip, thanks to its structure.

Affordable, reliable and mobile.
The mouse pad is the convenient and reliable choice for all PC activities.
The flexible material allows it to be removed at any time, rolled up and carried.

No interfering logo and washable.
The entire mouse pad surface can be used, by deliberately omitting the logo.
There is no interference from the imprints on the top panel. Easy to clean and washable.

Surface material: fabric.
Base: rubber.
Dimensions: 240 x 200 x 2 mm.
Weight: 42g.

mouse-pad made of sturdy material
mouse mat with a modern design
Rubber film on the bottom
Very slim: 2,5 mm
Dimensions: 22 x 18 cm
  • Model : 1003007010
  • Size : Size M
  • Color : purple butterfly
  • ean : 4051416036004
  • ref/mpn : 1003007010