2pcs Pack Travel Baby Wet And Dry Cloth Diaper Organiser Bag, By Damero

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Cute fabric, fun colors, well made, good sizes, multiple functions
For people who loves everything clean, using these gives you a peace of mind.

A Good Choice for You All.
★For a working pumping mom:
This bag is very handy with pumping at work. You can put used pump parts in here and put the bag in the break room refrigerator. No one knows the difference.
★For a sports lover:
â—‹To carry 100% sweat-soaked clothes in gym bag after yoga class
â—‹Using the bags when go swimming, to the beach, or to a water park.
★For young parents:
â—‹Keep extra stuff for your child at pre-school. If clothing gets dirty or wet, or if the school has a water day, the wet clothing can be contained in here.
â—‹It also worked nicely when go out to eat and need somewhere to put dirty cups, dishes, spoons, and bibs after eating.
â—‹To transport all baby's food/poop/pee/barf/drool covered clothing

★With the snap handle, you can easily strap it to your diaper bag as a reminder that you have dirty diapers that need to be washed.
★ These wet bags keep everything else in your bag dry and free from sweat smell.
★ Folds up easily so it doesn't take up too much space in a diaper bag.

★Machine wash at 60℃
★Do not bleach
★Do not iron
★Do not dry clean
★Do not tumble dry

2pcs/pack. Comes with a large one and a small one, high capacity--Plain Wet Bag for Cloth and Baby stuffs.
Reusable, machine washable. Large size: L42.7 * W33.8 cm; Small size: L29.2 * W22.9 cm. Mark: Not 100% waterproof because of sewing made.
Two size bag. Large one for diaper, bathing suits, beach towel, gym clothes. Small one for your bits and pieces. Double zipper compartments making it much more convenient for you to separate dirty and clean diapers or other wet items.
The snap on the handle makes it easy to hang anywhere, like diaper bag, stroller.
Very functional. Also great for travel. You can organise your clean or dirty clothes, underwear, socks, swimming suits and other belongings.
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