36 Colors Oven Bake Clay Polymer 5 Sculpture Tool Set And Accessories Plus Tutorials , Diy Modelling Moulding Kit Colorful Clay Safe And Soft (32 Colors) By Bblike

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How to use the Polymer Clay?
1.A: Oven bake/ B: Blown by hair drier hot wind/ C: Put them into water and heat the water, keeping water boiled for 10 minutes.
2.The larger creations, the longer time.
3.Wait 10 minutes to let them cool before take them out of oven.

Good Quality Clay Bakes Well.
- No shrink at all after baking.
- Some clay seems to change colour in the oven but this clay stays the same!
- The shades of colours are vivid and stay exactly the same after baking.

Hours of Fun for Children and Adults.
- Helps with creativity.
- Bonus is that instead of watching YouTube or playing on the iPad, you can join your kids and make some DIY works together!

Lovely Gift Set All in Card Box.
- Booklet with some tutorials(Beautiful)
- 5 Sculpture Tool (No sharp edges)
- More than 30 Accessories(Useful)
- 32 oven bake clay(malleable)

Product Features:
- Can this be used on crochet hooks.
- If you do not bake them, they will remain moldable.
- Lovely range of colours.
- Method C is easy and safe enough, but they be less vivid and less hard than using method A and B because of water.

SUPER EASY AND SAFE: You can also use hair drier to shape your creations! Super malleable, Never crack, Non-sticky, Safe and Soft.
NO SMELL: Mainly made of high quality PVC, environmentally friendly, NO any residue smell left in the oven.
EASY TO MODEL, EASY TO BAKE. Fairly pliable before you use it and only hard once you've baked it which will be solid and non malleable afterwards.
Ideal for Beginners: to make craft gift, small ornaments, model animals, characters, decorations.
A COMPREHENSIVE PACK:36 colours clay, 5 modelling tools, more than 30 accessories. One baking instruction gives reasonable additional advice.
  • Color : 32 colors
  • ean : 0602798388898
  • ref/mpn : RLDZ17092