4 X Mouth Trays For Teeth Whitening / Gel Bleach, Thermoformingby Boolavard® Tm By Gum Shield

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A) Heat a pan of water to 80-90C (not boiling, this will melt the trays!)

B) Holding the handle, dip the mouth tray in the water for approximately 5-10 seconds. Be careful, as over-exposure will melt/shrink the tray, but under-exposure will make formation difficult.

C) Remove the tray from the water and hold it to drain the excess water for a second.

D) Place the tray in your mouth while it is soft and mould around your teeth, by pressing firmly on the inside and outside of your teeth with your fingers. Allow the tray to set firm while still inside your mouth.

E) Remove the tray. Repeat this process for the lower tray. Cut the handles off and trim the formed trays, cutting at the gum line. This will allow you to clean any gel that may be leaking over the gums.

F) Simply apply a teeth whitening or remineralizing gel and wear the trays

Warm & Form Thermoforming mouth trays
Ready to use in 10 seconds
4 mouth trays (2 pairs)
Used in dental offices for chair side teeth whitening treatments
Super Thin clear trays form easier and minimizes bulk for a more comfortable fit
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  • ref/mpn : TY-LM1D-2YOH

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