400mm X 5m X 3.7mm Loft Wrap Easy Fit Loft Insulation Without Thickness By Thermawrap

  • £25.63

Thermawrap Loft Wrap is a lightweight, flexible, clean and easy to handle insulation roll and provides the same degree of insulation as 55mm of Polystyrene in a thickness of just 4mm. Thermawrap Loft Wrap is also totally flexible and will even insulate around corners. Thermawrap Loft Wrap is a high performance insulation material available in two sizes to fit standard rafter centres which acts by trapping air within its structure creating low emissivity air spaces. Made from multi-layer air bubble film insulation with aluminium bonded to both sides of the material creating high thermal performance.
Boost your loft to a value of 55mm polystyrene in a 4mm layer
Lightweight & flexible
Fast installation
Keeps your house warmer in winter
Keeps your house cooler in summer
  • Model : ThermaWrap Loft Wrap 400mm x 5m x 3.7mm
  • ean : 5060078160063
  • ref/mpn : ThermaWrap Loft Wrap 400mm x 5m x 3.7mm