5 Pairs InΛirs(l) Earphone Tips - Memory Foam Earpads: Replacement For Silicone Earbuds - Noise Isolation Earphone Cushions For In Ear Bud & Headphones By Inairs

  • £22.60


✗ Pressing and uncomfortable
✗ Wear down quickly despite "premium quality"
✗ Reduced sound quality
✗ Fall out repeatedly


✔ 40% more robust against abrasion
✔ Hardly noticeable in the ear
✔ Adapts to your ear canal
✔ Improved sound quality
✔ Recommended by audio fanatics


★ High performance for your earphones
★ 5 pairs INAIRS in one box
★ Precise earphone fit
★ 100% Money Back Guarantee

THE INAIRS PROMISE - We believe an outstanding product is completed by outstanding service. One pair of INAIRS lasts up to 4 weeks and is covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If your INAIRS don't live up to our promises, enjoy the easy money back guarantee.
SMALL SIZE, BIG SOUND - Despite its compact size, INAIRS deliver powerful sound. Engineered to support advanced acoustics by minimising sound leakage and maximising sound output.
STAYS IN YOUR EAR - Take your athletic performance to the next level. No matter how rigorous your workout is, INAIRS withstand extreme intensity and deliver unshakable in-ear-hold.
ADAPTS TO YOU - The moment you use INAIRS, you know you've never felt anything like it. The body heat-activated foam adapts to your ear. INAIRS are so comfortable, you'll forget they're even there.
HEAR WHAT YOU WANT - For those who demand the best. INAIRS are designed to put the world on mute. Anytime, Anywhere. Silence any noise with advanced noise isolation.
  • Model : AIR1
  • Size : L
  • Color : Modell - AIR1
  • ean : 0751354339314
  • ref/mpn : AIR1-L

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