50 X 50mm Foam Stopper Plug - Flask; Homebrew; Yeast Starter; Autoclavable Pack 2 By King Scientific

  • £9.92

Autoclavable and reusable white foam plugs. These non-absorbent plugs provide a snug fit yet allow free airflow. They can be easily manipulated and spring back to original shape after repeated use. Breathable foam stoppers will withstand boiling or autoclaving temperatures, making them ideal for use in preparing a yeast starter. The honeycomb structure of the foam stoppers will act is a filter for any airborne bacteria or wild yeast that might enter the flask. That's important because a lot of air is sucked into the flask while it is cooling. You can also leave the stoppers on the flask instead of a fermentation lock. Some people use foam stoppers to replace fermentation locks in their carboys, too.
50 x 50MM
  • ean : 5060329372436
  • ref/mpn : M6-S0CK-2QXK

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