6 Pack Baby Girl Reusable Potty Training Pants, 100 () By Ateid

  • £18.89

Size Chart
80 : For 0-1 Years, Weight <12 KG
90 : For 1-2 Years, Weight (12KG-14KG)
100 : For 2-3 Years,Weight <16KG

Ateid 6 Pack Baby Girl Reusable Potty Training Pants
- Inner barrier: 100% PVC
- The water resistant layer provents leaks
- Easy pull up or down

Nice and soft training pants designed to catch those little accidents while potty training.
Young children can pull them up and down just like real pants . A great way to make the transition from nappies to real pants.
If you find your child is not quite ready for them, they can be worn with your existing waterproof wrap or pant over the top, to protect furniture and carpets.

Outer and inner: 100% Cotton
The centre portion has plastic lining, hidden inside the cotton terry
The soft, elasticated waist makes them comfy to wear
Re-usable Potty Training Pants
Perfect for the child who is basically dry but maybe prone to leaving the toilet dash to the last possible moment. Saves lots of changes of outer clothes
  • Size : 2-3 Years
  • Color : multicoloured
  • ean : 0713001993706
  • ref/mpn : BU04-100