7.9" Stainless Steel Apple Corer Easy Wash Ac003 By By Beruth

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Comfortable grip to avoid slipping!
The handle is beautifully designed adding aesthetics to the kitchen with the steel finish. It doesn't let your hand slip off of it making the process of taking the core of an apple or any other vegetable out fruit out easier and fast! Whenever you are in a hurry and just want to grab an apple and run out the house, you don't get time to cut it. The fact and efficient corer let you dig out the core within seconds so you can enjoy your apple without having to worry about reaching the centre of it! With such comfortable grip, you wouldn't mind sparing a few seconds to help you with it!

High-Quality Material with Easy Wash:
The apple corer is manufactured with the high-quality materials including the stainless steel from which the circular head is made. Not only does it make the removal of corer easier, but it also ensures easy wash in a dish cleaner with no risks of getting it rustic! Once you are done with your task, all you need to do is remove the corer and put it in a dishwasher letting. The apple corer comes out clean and ready to be used later!

Versatile uses with a hanging hole for easy accessibility and Storage:
The apple corer comes with a hole in the handle that lets you hang it on your kitchen wall with hooks. These ways, it stays in your sight and is easily accessible as well. So whenever you are ready to cut those vegetables and fruits with a core that bothers you, get your apple corer and pierce through the core to get rid of it. Followed by that, you can simply cut out the slices or whatever form you prefer. Make your life easier with the apple corer and save your time!
√ COMFORTABLE GRIP: The handle of the Apple corer is designed to offer a comfortable grip in order to avoid slipping of the handle. Firm and a tight grip is guaranteed!
√ EFFICIENT REMOVAL: The circular head pierces through the apple removing the core of the apple within no time! Minimum effort is required even while removing it corer.
√ EASY WASH: Very convenient to wash and get it cleaned for later use. It can easily be washed in a dishwasher with no risks of damage or rust.
√ STAINLESS STEEL: The handle is made up of steel making it look classy while the circular head is made up of stainless steel which ensures a rust-free apple corer for its whole lifetime!
√ VERSATILITY: The corer can be used to pierce through a variety of vegetable and fruits to get rid of the cores with seeds easily.
  • Color : Green
  • ean : 0615228214339
  • ref/mpn : unknown

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