7pcs Ptfe Magnetic Stirrer Mixer Stir Bar Magnetic Stirrer Bar Magnetic Stir Bar Magnetic Stirrer Mixer Magnetic Stirring Bar By Ronyes

  • £15.39

Length Diameter

10mm 5mm
12mm 7mm
20mm 8mm
25mm 7mm
28mm 8mm
30mm 8mm
35mm 9mm
It is used to stir a liquid or solution in biological, chemical, medical and research laboratory applications
Teflon (PTFE) casing is chemically inert, be used with harsh chemicals and reduces friction and wear in spinning
Recessed bezel helps to reduce vibration while stirring
The stir bar is placed in a container of liquid or solution, which is seated on a magnetic stirrer, which is a laboratory device which generates a rotating magnetic field using a rotating magnet or a plurality of stationary electromagnets
Provides a larger surface area and added turbulence when the smooth surface of the cylindrical rods compared
  • Size : 7 different sizes
  • ean : 0606462651936
  • ref/mpn : PTFE magnetic stirrer-UK

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