817 R Sb Bitholding Screwdriver With Rapidaptor Quick-release Chuck, 1/4 Inch X 133 Mm By Wera

  • £40.63

The Wera Kraftform Kompakt 817R is a hand-held bit holding screwdriver with Rapidaptor that is suitable for use with 1/4" hexagonal drive bits as well as Wera Series 1 and Series 4 screwdriver bits. The magnetic Rapidaptor allows for rapid one-handed change and self-lock, with a very efficient and immediate action quick release mechanism to hold the bit securely for all jobs. A free turning sleeve makes it easier to position the attached bit into the screw, so avoiding slipping that might cause damage to the work piece. The Wera Rapidaptor included with this bit holding screwdriver is attached to a 2 position bayonet blade. This allows the blade to either be used in the standard position for confined workspaces, or in the extended position for more reach. When the telescopic blade is extended it effectively converts the attached screwdriver bit into a full length screwdriver. The Rapidaptor blade can also be removed from the handle and used as a 100mm bit holder in a power tool with 1/4" chuck. Wera's ergonomic Kraftform handle fits comfortably in the hand and has a multi-component design with special hard and soft zones to provide better turning power with less effort and make repeated turning easier. The hexagonal anti-roll feature prevents the screwdriver from rolling away when it is put down. Handle Only - Screwdriver Bits Are Not Included
Original Wera Kraftform handle with 1/4 inch Rapidaptor Quick Change
Bits hand holder with bayonet blade for different working lengths
Multi-component handle for great power transfer and quick grasping
suitable for all ¼ inch bits
Bayonet blade is machine suitable
Retractable bayonet blade
For insertion in the power screwdriver or for use in the chuck of an electric drill
Rapidaptor technology for rapid bit change
  • Model : 05073541001
  • Size : 133mm Blade, Rapidator Quick-Release Chuck, Bayonet Blade
  • ean : 4013288106025
  • ref/mpn : 05073541001