85wcharger Magnetic Laptop Ac Adapter For Apple Macbook Pro 15" 17" [2009, 2010, 2011, Mid 2012 Models] Aluminium Unibody White Mac Models 1150 A1211 A1226 A1260 A1286 1151 A1212 A1229 A1261 A1297 Power Supply Cord Plug Notebook Adaptor, Fits Mb985 Mb986

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IReplacement or spare MacBook charger
Tired of hunting for your charger? The Reichner charger for Mac is compact and reliable, ideal for use at home or on the go. The 85W power adapter has been rigorously tested to make sure it is fully compatible with the MacBook Pro 15" and 17" models (until Summer 2012) as well as meeting all relevant UK standards. It is CE, ROHS and FCC certified. As well as a 30-day money-back guarantee, the product comes with a 24-month no-questions-asked warranty.
Quick and easy charging every time
Using Reichner Chargify technology, this adapter has an intelligent microchip inside it which keeps your MacBook safe from power surges or spikes. It features a magnetic DC connector that will disconnect your power cable if it experiences undue strain. This helps prevent fraying or weakening of the cables over time as well as reducing the risks to your device. An LED light shows you when your MacBook is charging (amber) or fully charged (green). Designed for travel, the Reichner MacBook Charger has a removable wall plug and the cable can be wound neatly around the charge for storage.

Compatible with the following Apple Macbook models
MacBook Pro 15-inch, Mid 2009, A1286 series MB985 MB986 MB985x/A MB986x/A MC118x/A; MB985B/A MB986B/A MC118B/A
MacBook Pro 15-inch, Mid 2010, A1286 series MC373 MC372 MC371 MC373x/A MC372x/A MC371x/A; MC373B/A MC372B/A MC371B/A
MacBook Pro 15-inch, Early 2011, A1286 series MC723 MC721 MC723x/A MC721x/A; MC723B/A MC721B/A
MacBook Pro 15-inch, Late 2011, A1286 series MD322 MD318 MD322x/A MD318x/A; MD322B/A MD318B/A
MacBook Pro 15-inch, Mid 2012, A1286 series MD103 MD104 MD103x/A MD104x/A; MD103B/A MD104B/A

MacBook Pro 17-inch, Early 2009 and Mid 2009, A1297 series MB604x/A MC226x/A; MB604B/A MC226B/A
MacBook Pro 17-inch, Mid 2010, A1297 series MC024x/A; MC024B/A
MacBook Pro 17-inch, Early 2011 and Late 2011, A1297 series MC725x/A MD311x/A; MC725B/A MD311B/A
Original Reichner laptop power supply for Apple Macbook Pro 15" A1286 and 17" A1297 (2009, 2010, 2011, Mid 2012): MB985 MB986 MC118 MC373 MC372 MC371 MC723 MC721 MD103 MD104 MD322 MD318 MB604 MC024 MC226 MC725 MD311; MB985B/A MB986B/A MC118B/A MC373B/A MC372B/A MC371B/A MC723B/A MC721B/A MD322B/A MD318B/A MD103B/A MD104B/A MC024B/A MC725B/A MD311B/A MB985LL/A MB986LL/A MC118LL/A MC373LL/A MC372LL/A MC371LL/A MC723LL/A MC721LL/A MD322LL/A MD318LL/A MD103LL/A MD104LL/A notebook PC charger
Replacement power adapter compatible with Apple Macbook Pro 15" 1150 A1211 A1226 A1260 A1286 and 17" 1151 A1212 A1229 A1261 A1297 (2006, 2007, 2008, Mid 2009): MA092 MA463 MA464 MA600 MA601 MA609 MA610 MA611 MA895 MA896 MA897 MA895 MA896 MA897 MB133 MB134 MB166 MB470 MB471 MB604 MC026 MC226; MB133B/A MB134B/A MB166B/A MB470B/A MB471B/A MB604B/A MC026B/A MC226B/A MB133LL/A MB134LL/A MB166LL/A MB470LL/A MB471LL/A MB604LL/A MC026LL/A MC226LL/A laptop power supply
Output: 18.5V 4.6A 85W. Magnetic L-Shape connector for Mac 15" 17" until summer 2012 models.
Compact and ideal for travel, includes a AC wall plug. Integrated surge protection.
Rigorously safety tested - CE, ROHS and FCC certified. Comes with 30-day money back guarantee and 24-month warranty.
  • Color : 85W
  • ean : 0728821975542
  • ref/mpn : ta-a7-02