90 X 108-inch Queen Heirloom Fusible Blend Batting, Hf90 By Hobbs

  • £42.43

Fusible version of the popular Hobbs Premium 80% cotton, 20% polyester wadding.
Made as Heirloom Premium but with fusible resin added to both sides of the batting, to fuse it to fabrics when ironed
The resin eliminates the need for pinning or basting, saving time and effort
May be quilted up to 4 inches apart
Batting is washable with shrinkage of 3-5%
Made with 80% natural cotton and 20% fine polyester
Natural coloured
Fusible on both sides eliminating the need for pinning or tacking
Shrinks less than other cotton battings
Made for hand or machine quilting
  • Model : HF90
  • Size : 229x274x1 cm
  • Color : White
  • ean : 0040086010807
  • ref/mpn : HF90

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