99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol, 475 Ml (16 Fl. Oz) Fill In A Trigger Spray Bottle By Mg Chemicals

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Product Description The 824 Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) liquid is a high purity, multipurpose cleaner and solvent. The purity level meets Grade A standard for MIL Spec TT-I-735A and ASTM D770, ensuring that no contamination occurs from its use. As a cleaner, it is fully miscible in water and most organic fluids, making it good at dissolving dirt, light organic contaminants, and ionic flux residues. Since the 824 is highly anhydrous (without water) and hygroscopic (absorbs humidity), it readily scavenges water off surfaces, trapping the water in the IPA solution as an azeotropic mixture. This helps to dehumidify surfaces. As a solvent, it acts as a moderate evaporation, 'plastic safe' diluent (see compatibility chart on page 3) and is used to improve the properties of paint resins and other heterogeneous solid mixtures. Therefore, it serves as a useful carrier solvent to adjust the rheological properties and compatibilities of complex mixtures. Due to IPA's volatility, it resists entrapment in the coating. As it dries, it gives off a very light odor, which is not bothersome but serves as a cue to limit over-exposure due to poor ventilation.
Suitable for Use in Food Facilities as a Non-Food Chemical - Canadian and NFS recognition letters available on request
Meets MIL Spec TT-I-735A and ASTM D770
Meets reagent ACS and USP/NF Grades
Anhydrous solvent - Removes water and humidity from components leaving them dry
Less than 0.001 g/100 mL non-volatile residues
  • Model : 824-500ML
  • Size : 1 PACK
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