Adult Pluma Fins - Dark, 8.5/9.5 Ca175043 Men's Uk 8/9 By Cressi

  • £39.77

The Cressi Pluma Fins are a snorkeling fin with moulding and materials used for high-end free-diving and scuba diving for improved performance in a smaller lighter fin.

Moulding three different materials together isn't easy and creates a high performance, lightweight and comfortable fin.


Tri-Material Construction

The main section of the blade is made from a reactive PPE which stores elastic energy during your kick and uses it to push you through the water. Tougher grooves on either size control the flex of the blade and the angle of attack for an efficient kick.

Soft thermo-rubber foot pocket is more flexible than the rest of the fin for a soft foot pocket that is easy to don and doff and comfortable when worn for long periods.


Size : 43-44

Length : 615mm

Width : 205mm

Height : 90mm

Blade length : 330mm

Weight single fin : 540g

  • Model : CA175043
  • Size : UK 8/9
  • Color : Dark
  • ean : 8022983036335
  • ref/mpn : CA175043
  • Men's

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