Awe55eu Laptop Cooling Pad Two Fans Laptop Cooler Fits - 15-17 Inches,black By Targus

  • £27.39

Targus Lap Chill Mat USB blackgrey AWE55EU Components Cooling Fans Modding
Function: Laptop computer cooler. Avoid laptop computer overheating and noisy fans.
Colour/Material: Black / Neoprene
Compatibility: Any laptop computer or MacBook. Only needs USB connection.
Features: 2 fans, vented platform and rubber grips to position laptop.
Ergonomics: Angled to put the computer in the best position to use. Neoprene makes it comfortable to use your laptop on your lap.
  • Model : AWE55EU
  • Size : Cooling Pad 15-17"
  • Color : Black
  • ean : 5054484150503
  • ref/mpn : 4334357
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