Beard Shampoo For Mennatural, Organic, Vegan. Make Your Beard Softer And Cleaner With The Best Beard Wash. Conditions Deeply. Soft Beard Cleanser That Stops Beard Itch (woodland Harmony, 250 Ml) By Seven Potions

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It is high time you put a stop to unsightliness and beard stench. Washing your beard is just as important as washing the rest of your body. In fact, nothing will slow you down when your beard is dirt-less and smelling great. This premium beard shampoo will clean your precious facial locks while leaving them looking shiny and your skin feeling wonderful. It is expertly designed to remove smells and grim as well as replenish the natural oils in your beard. It moisturizes to make your hair soft, stop beard itch, reduce or even eliminate beard split ends and help with dandruff. That means that your face will reflect only cleanliness and health. With this shampoo, a small amount goes a very long way. A tiny drop will create a rich-foam that delightfully lathers-up your entire beard. It will leave your hairs smelling marvelously manly yet not over-powering. Ditch the soapy odor of average shampoos and opt for the sweet and woody aromas of this 90% organic beard rinse. Made with secret blend of natural essential oils, your senses will beam as your hairs and skin are quenched. There is nothing like the lightweight, uplifting feeling of freshly washed hair that smells amazing. When you properly cleanse your facial hairs, you will notice that grooming your beard becomes more manageable. This is because your hair is soft and your skin is healthy. When this happens, your beard will grow faster and look fuller. We promise your over-all happiness. That is why this shampoo is vegan and cruelty-free. As well as has no parabens, preservatives, artificial fragrances or colorants. As an added protection, your shampoo is packaged in a dark-plastic bottle that ensures its quality by protecting it from sunlight. Give you beard the gift of vitality and wish it wish this high-quality shampoo. BEWARE of counterfeits. Seven Potions products are sold ONLY under The Seven Potions name.
The premium beard shampoo that cleans your beard effectively and conditions deeply the hair and skin
Makes your beard soft and stops beard itch; A soft beard wash that doesn't strip the natural oil of your skin and helps you reduce beard dandruff
Only a small amount is enough to create rich foam; The 250 ml size will last you for months even if you use it every day; Perfect for any beard growth stage
95% natural, organic and premium ingredients that gives you a sweet and woody, manly and subtle scent, so that it doesn't interfere with your perfume; NO Parabens, NO Artificial Fragrances, NO Colorants
Highly effective against dry facial hair, ideal for all skin types; Leaves your beard clean and your skin moisturized
  • Size : 250 ml
  • ean : 0611553849543
  • ref/mpn : SP0006BSWH250

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