Bidet Toilet Spray,toilet Handheld Showers Muslim Shattaf Bidet Taps For Personal Hygiene, Toilet Cleaning, Pet Bath, Cloth Diaper, Mop Pool, Washing Machine, Brass Sus304 Stainless Steel By Yegu

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Many people have heard bidet sprayer but not used. in reality, there are many benefits to using a toilet attachment bidet or hand held bidet sprayer.
Those that it can't stop using it and wonder how they went so long without using it. The bidet is a very effective tool and there are many benefits to using it.

Hygienic & Cost effective & Environmentally friendly
Saving space & Easy to install.
Reduce household waste
Better skin care and more comfortable to use
Reduce plumbing problems and prevent clogs

Most Important
Feminine Wash & Ultimate Sanitary Protection - It can be useful for monthly cycles
and is highly recommended for new or expecting mothers.

In adolescent girls, it is easy to breed and breed bacteria because the vulvar
secretions increased!Unclean hygiene habits will be a variety of potential
diseases. So only adhere to the cleaning can they ensure good health.

Pregnant and postpartum women decreased physical strength, easily lead to urinary
tract infection which will affect their own's and the baby's health.
Wash basin does not meet the health requirements and it is inconvenient to squat
cleaning for the pregnant. the use of the bidet sparer device can easily do their
daily care and easy to keep clean, effectively prevent postpartum infection!

Menopause and older women, their own defense function suffered damage, only
timely cleaning can effectively avoid Gynecology Disease intrusive. The use of
bidet can also effectively improve the local blood circulation, improve the body resistance to disease!

PLEASE REMEMBER to always turn off the isolating valve every time after use as this prevents the build-up of pressure resulting in leaks
【The Newest Generation Cleaning Tool】A supreme cleaner and an advanced hygiene leader. The cleanliness of this bidet toilet sprayer is very strong that others sprayer cannot be compared. Beneficial and great contribution to a healthy and happy lifestyle. It is a low-cost and fashions device with the perfect amount of splash-free water flow. No batteries or electricity needed.
【High-quality Material 】The sprayer set contains a 304 stainless steel handheld bidet sprayer and hose(1.2m), a brass G1/2 adapter with ceramic disc valve (Copper ions have a strong disinfection and sterilization, can prevent some common livestock diseases.), and Teflon tape, hook and bracket. All rust-resistant, resist scratch, corrosion and durable for long time use that you don't need to worried about it could leak one day.
【Easy Installation & Add luxury To Your House】Our YEGU bidet sprayer is easy to install (wall or toilet tank mount) within 10 minutes following the instructions with pictures included without a professional plumber. No electric or batteries needs. Everything you need to Install this shattaf is included in the box!
【Multi-purpose Use】This handheld bidet sprayer set could be mount to everywhere in your house with hot or cold water: bathroom, kitchen, garden, garage as a pet shower, Muslim shower, toilet seat washer, cloth diaper, washer flusher, kitchen faucet, car shower sprayer, water flower tool etc. Especially ideal for people with pregnant, children, feminine hygiene, hemorrhoid, obesity or hypertension to wash your bottom with soft/strong water by pressing the button. save money and great widely using
【Quality & Service Guarantee】We YEGU always try our best to give every lovely customer a 100% satisfaction with their experience of every purchase, which is our service purposes. It comes with a lifetime product warranty that we believe you can order it happily without any hesitation. A best Valentine's Day gift.
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