Blisshomefridge Binz Egg Holder 70730 Set Of 1 By Interdesign

  • £21.09

A fridge is nothing without order. If everything is mixed together without care, there will be chaos. Imagine, opening the door to make dinner, and seeing the carrots tussling with the eggs while a juice and milk bottles argue over nutrition. Fridge Binz bring law and restore tranquility. Organize all your meats, dairies, fruits, veggies, bottles, jars, packets and pouches in durable Resipreme Fridge Binz. This egg holder features 14 egg compartments and a lid for easy storage.
In this egg storage box, up to 14 eggs can be kept safe and fresh; it is stackable so that the often limited space in the fridge can be put to optimal use
The kitchen storage tray is ideal for refrigerators without a special compartment for eggs; it is ideal for keeping eggs safe and organised
The fridge egg crate has a transparent lid, which keeps the eggs within instant view so it iss quick and easy to see when supplies are low
In this 108 x 368 x 76 cm egg box, there is space for up to fourteen eggs to be neatly stored in most standard refrigerators
Because the egg holder and its handle are made of BPA-free plastic, it is not only sturdy but also easy to clean; simply wipe with soapy water
  • Model : 70730
  • Size : Set of 1
  • Color : transparent
  • ean : 7661459820019
  • ref/mpn : 70730

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